The statistics on poor mental health and suicide in the construction industry are sobering reading. Construction workers are 80% more likely to die of suicide than a person working in other industries. Mental ill-health still carries a stigma that is difficult to eliminate in an environment where, traditionally, people don't talk about their feelings.

Icon Metal has partnered with workplace mental health consultants Mental Health Movement to deliver a program of workshops, awareness-raising sessions and a mental health audit of our company. They are always on-hand to offer support and advice.

We recently welcomed MHM's @Chris Houston, @Alisha McGregor and Ben Higgs to our Silverwater offices to raise awareness and share the power of story with our staff. The first hurdle to addressing mental ill-health is feeling able to talk about it in a stigma-free environment.

We are determined to make all Icon workplaces - office, factory and job sites - safe spaces where employees can ask for help, be treated with compassion, and be sure to receive the appropriate support.


Thank you Chris, Alisha and Ben, for showing us what that can look like.


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