We are celebrating the installation of the 6 atrium stairs at Walker Corporation's 6&8 Parramatta Square - the final package in the ambitious Parramatta Square precinct project, undertaken by Built.

Comprising two interconnected towers, this 55-storey building will be the largest corporate development in Australia, and aims to revitalise Parramatta's central business district. The project adheres to the highest environmental and sustainability standards.

Our involvement in the project started in October 2020, with the project still in the design and concept stages. By mid-January 2021 - just three short but intense months, we had delivered the installation of all six sets of stairs, on time and without incident.

This uncommonly quick turnaround was made possible by the use of ingenious rigging techniques developed by our team, using pre-installed overhead cast-in brackets to support and lift the 6-tonne sections into place consecutively from top to bottom. Simple, elegant and efficient:

We would like to extend our gratitude to the project team at Built for their cooperation in helping to getting this over the line, and to Senior Project Manager Henry Sun and our skilled site team for their dedication, creativity and hard work.

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