Our Commitment to the Planet: Reducing Carbon Footprint

Elodie Tran

Marketing & Communications

Our commitment to the planet has become a cornerstone of our corporate identity. Recognising the critical need to address environmental concerns, we have implemented a net zero carbon strategy aimed at minimising our ecological footprint that extends to every aspect of our operations.

When conducting an analysis of our greenhouse gas emissions for FY21, we uncovered a noteworthy insight: we scrapped 90T of steel, which is roughly 10% of all the steel we purchased that year.

We are constantly working on ways to reduce this figure. A prime example is our integration of 3D models using Tekla software, which allows for precise measurements and calculations, mitigating the risk of overordering materials and subsequently reducing unnecessary waste in our production cycles. Our collaboration with engineers is also integral to our commitment to optimising material usage. By working closely with these experts, we ensure that our materials are utilised to their maximum potential.

Respect, a core value embedded at Icon, serves as the guiding principle in our procurement practices. Emphasizing the importance of environmental responsibility, we prioritise Australian-made steel, thereby reducing the carbon footprint and supporting local businesses.

Our commitment to the planet is a conscious choice to contribute to a sustainable future. By leveraging technology, collaborating with engineers, and making mindful procurement decisions, we are shaping a business that prioritises environmental responsibility.

Always has been, always will be

We acknowledge the Darug people as the Traditional Owners of the lands on which we work.
We respect and recognise their spiritual connection and knowledge of these lands, waters and communities.
We pay respects to their cultures and Elders past, present and emerging.

Our path to reconciliation
Leanne Mulgo Watson, 2020
Darug-Nura Bugrabunya - Darug Country Broken to Pieces