It's always nice to complete a job, especially one that you can look up at when you're walking around the city and think "I did that", which makes the completion of our works at Wynyard Place especially satisfying.

It started out as a small miscellaneous metalwork package, but over the course of 12 months expanded to be a much more substantial project, eventually including:

Clock Tower Gantry installed below the newly restored 1928 heritage clock mechanism. We designed an aesthetic and functional gantry to allow people to do the maintenance on the clock mechanisms, as well as allowing people in the bar below to see the clock tower from the inside.

Bike Screen. We supplied and installed the bike screens, made of galvanised steel rails, posts and stainless steel mesh. We designed them with extra rails to suit the back racks (installed by others).

Steel Balustrade to 285 George Street Roof Terrace. Painted bronze, 3 coat system, stainless steel tubular handrail system with slotted tube for LED strip.

End of Trip Wall. Feature wall installed in the car park, made of gold stainless steel sheet, bronze aluminium battens and bronze perforated aluminium ceiling. The distance between battens varies throughout the more than 30 metres of wall, to create a dramatic effect when pedestrians are walking alongside.

Congratulations to Project Manager Carolina Oliveira and team for all your hard work, and thanks to our client Multiplex.

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