Icon Metal is now an official member of the Environmental Sustainability Charter (ESC). Per the Australian Steel Institute, companies committed to the ESC “run their businesses along sustainable lines, demonstrate environmental responsibility and share their knowledge of sustainability with others.”

Icon already holds the accreditation ISO 14001, which holds us to the highest international environmental standards. The ESC is recognised by regulators and bodies such as the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA), and is increasingly becoming a contractual requirement on construction projects. It will allow projects that use our steel to achieve their ‘Green Star’ Mat-5 Steel point in the GBCA credit for Responsible Building Materials.

Icon is growing. We will soon be relocating to a larger premises that will more than double our fabrication capacity and comfortably house our ever-increasing workforce. The responsibilities that we will undertake as part of ESC membership will help us grow sustainably, while reducing the environmental impact of this growth. As part of our ESC membership we will be taking on a project aimed at improving our sustainability, so watch this space for more soon!

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