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Four more years for Project Manager, Vinicius

When we find great people, we like to hold onto them.

Elodie Tran


When we find good people we like to hold on to them, so it’s with great pleasure that we can announce that Icon's Civil Engineer and Project Manager Vinicius Rausch has been granted leave to stay in Australia for a further 4 years on his sponsored visa.

Here's the story of how Vinicius came to Australia from Brazil, and luckily for us, to Icon Metal, and his thoughts on the benefits of being part of such a diverse, multicultural workforce ...

I grew in a neighbourhood called Mantiqueira, Venda Nova region, Belo Horizonte city, State Minas Gerais, Brazil. My parents, Vania Rausch and Antonio Galvao, they were always lecturing me and my sister Nathalia about the importance of studying: study everything (all subjects in school, English, pre-college, college etc) since we were little kids.

“Knowledge is the only thing - no one can take it away from you”

Their trust throughout those years paid off. Thanks to their effort, my sister and I were accepted at one of the best universities in Brazil, the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG).  The UFMG is the only university in Brazil with a partnership with the Australian Government to grant a Recognised Graduate Visa – Subclass 476. This Visa gives you full rights to work in Australia for 18 months.

I heard about the position advertised by Icon Metal from a network built in these 2 years living and working here in Sydney. The company was looking for someone to work on a new project they had won, and my profile was a good fit with the position offered. Icon and the company I were working at that point are both focused on Steel Structures and Miscellaneous Metalwork, but are very different from each other regarding the clients they work with and the scale of projects.

“Success is a mixture of preparation and luck”

During my interview, I had the chance to meet Stephen Pribula, Paul Sewell and Chris Farmer. After they showed me which project they want me to be part of, who I would work with, the construction site, office and workshop, it was a very easy decision to change companies and be part of Icon Metal’s team.

For the last 12 months, I’ve being working as a Civil Engineer/Project manager in 2 different projects on Quay Quarter Tower: the Spiral Steel Staircases being installed on the new structure of the building, and the Reinforcement of the Existing Concrete Link Beams project located in the “old” part of the building.

I’ve been learning a lot since I joined the company, surrounded by good employees, intelligent and more experienced people, good environment, happy with the trust they put in me with these projects. I can see myself at Icon Metal in a senior position where I can be involved in big decisions, pass on the knowledge I acquire, and share new experiences to come with others.

I never imagined living on the other side of the globe, working for a good company in a position where the language  is different from my main one! That is one of the reasons why life is amazing and unpredictable. Things changed a lot in these 3 years living and working in Sydney, far better than I imagined since I decided to come to Australia, which has been the best decision I made in my life.

Like my mentor Paul S used to say: when I finish with this project, I will be an expert in Spiral Stairs! When I look to the future, there are still a few steps to go to make this happen. If I look into the past and what I have done so far, all the milestones accomplished since I started working on these projects, I believe I am on the right path to make this prediction come true.

“Faith is taking the first step without seeing the whole staircase”

I really like the structural and metalwork area because my new project could be something entirely different. I am closely watching Icon Metal having 4 different projects in the same building, completely different from each other. So, whatever the new project might be, I am sure I will be amazed.

During meetings and visiting a different project, the project managers talk about their respective tasks and duties. During a coffee, lunchtime and/or after working hours, we talk about more personal things.

Since we all came from different countries, different cultures, it is really nice to know more about all these different life experiences, things you never imagined before, because it is “normal” for you, but completely different for another person

All this new information changes your perspective, your way of thinking and your mentality about many things (e.g. skyscrapers in Brazil vs skyscrapers in Australia, politics, laws, sports, food - everything!), which results in personal growth, more respect about opinions different from yours (since the reality of  others is different), and more open-minded people working together.

Always has been, always will be

We acknowledge the Darug people as the Traditional Owners of the lands on which we work.
We respect and recognise their spiritual connection and knowledge of these lands, waters and communities.
We pay respects to their cultures and Elders past, present and emerging.

Our path to reconciliation
Leanne Mulgo Watson, 2020
Darug-Nura Bugrabunya - Darug Country Broken to Pieces